Diary of a large acrylic painting – Part 1

“We want something large and neutral, a large acrylic painting, for that really big empty wall in our kitchen” they said…

“We’ve seen some things we like by a Canadian guy …..we love them but everything he does is bold and bright so not really our sort of colours…can you help? Do you do commissions?”

Step 1 – Research the work of said Canadian guy for an idea of style. Will Rafuse does some fabulously vibrant and fun stuff and in a style not dissimilar to some of my early work.

Step 2 – Kick around a few thoughts about developing a picture that incorporates my pals’ kitchen, ask lots and lots of questions and discuss neutral colour schemes (I’m not sure whether to call these my limitations or opportunities at this stage)…

Kitchen Photograph

Kitchen Shot

Step 3 – Visit and take photos of said kitchen, from and including the big blank wall where the acrylic painting will eventually live – it’s going to be pretty big!

I’m fully armed with outline requirements, buzzing with enthusiasm, not least because it’s so much bigger than anything I’ve done before…we’re ready to develop some sketched mock ups.

Step 4 – Good old fashioned pencil and paper put hard to work, I mock up a few possible options, gather colour samples to establish the range of my allowable palette and develop my argument for extending this to allow at least a few small items to be given some colour for balance.

And the winner is…..

Sketch for "Salvatore Cooks For" Acrylic Painting

Sketch for “Salvatore Cooks For…” Acrylic Painting

Salvatore, who will cook for my pals in their kitchen, once complete.

Time to buy a very large canvas, 48 X 36 inches no less, work out how to stop it rocking on my easel and find a suitable approach for transferring the approved outline to the canvas.

Just like eating an elephant it must be done one chunk at a time…..

You can check out the end result in my KL Art Paintings Gallery.