Karen Loughridge Fine Artist, developed a passion for art very early in life. She is a qualified teacher who has always been as interested in learning and teaching art, as in making it.

Karen has been a semi-professional artist alongside her “proper job” in Learning and Development. She escaped the Civil Service in 2011 after 25 years service (and lots of doodling in the margins of notes from meetings). She now devotes more of her time to her passion for creativity and  is a Professional Member of the Society for All Artists (SAA)

Educated in Fine Art to A level and subsequently self taught, a large part of her learning comes from her give it a go” experiments, helped by the generosity of spirit of those who share their knowledge. Karen was encouraged and influenced by practical and creative parents too.

Karen Loughridge works in a variety of media, from painting in acrylic and watercolour to carving in wood and wax and glass art.

“My inspiration is life and possibility! I’m constantly trying to capture the beauty and wonder of life, nature, the human spirit and the myriad possibilities that might be hidden from our view or consciousness. I work with anything that makes me smile really, with both realism and fantasy art exploration of the possible.”

“Life’s great isn’t it! In this world of wonders there’s endless experience and opportunity to ponder and explore…be curious. I love to express myself through the use of bold and beautiful colour and a variety of representational styles and media to create my very personal “window on the world”.