Payment Methods

Payment methods: Your questions answered

1. How can I pay for my items?

We can only accept payment by PayPal who acts as our payment partner so that we can ensure the security of your payment and important payment details.

Paypal enables you to pay for your items with most credit or debit cards. Because we have the Paypal account you don’t need one (though you can set one up as you go through the checkout process if you want one).

2. Is my payment secure?

Yes. We use PayPal because it is one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. All your payment details are processed through the PayPal encrypted site on our behalf (we don’t get them ever). PayPal also provides on line buyer and seller protection so that we can both feel safe doing business together.

3. Can I pay by cheque?

I’m sorry, we don’t accept cheques.

4. Do you store payment details?

We don’t store any credit card details as we don’t receive them!

We do keep your name, email address and previous order details to make future ordering easier for you. You can check this out in more detail: