What’s a blogger?

Dear Diary – Well, here it is…my first blank blog page, but what to do with it? What’s a blogger?

I’ve got a site and it’s beginning to grow as I fight against the workings of the machine to craft the pages I have thought about for so long now. Thing is, I know there is nobody here (or is it there when you’re blogging?). With the exception of a couple of friends and one or two family members, no-one even knows about this site yet!

OK, so I guess one or two people might stumble over this space quite by accident, but I’ve told the crawling robots to stay away for a while until I’m ready to be Googled (and I’m still not sure about that). I think there is probably a more technical way to describe that, but…to all intents and purposesI am now talking to myself!!!

– They said this would happen if I left my proper job and here I am…talking to myself!

So, what do you write when you’re talking to yourself? My plan, for starters, is to use this as a Dear Diary” space (I think), mainly because I never had one as a child. I always wanted one, indeed I started a diary several times, but just couldn’t find the energy or enthusiasm to keep it going regularly. In fact I was far more interested in the bookbinding process and the cover art than writing what had happened each day. I’ve always admired the folks who  could keep it up and I’m sure years later they are still at it, and they probably enjoy re-reading their tales of yore but the regular diary wasn’t for me.

So, here I am many years later already in at the deep end and committing to use this space as a “dear diary” type space. Is that what a blogger does? Is that what a blogger is?   Can I claim to be a blogger if I write to myself? It sounded like a good idea at the time of starting so let’s hope the cover art doesn’t distract too frequently and I have something useful to say and share once in a while…do pop back and check out what happens…please.