Purple Mamba 6…and finally

Previously in The Purple Mamba…

  • Fridges got raided
  • Buns¬†went missing
  • Dulse got drafted in and placed on hold
  • More fridges got raided
  • John out-Bellamied David
  • Santa ate Christmas
  • Professional bun-eaters were left distraught
  • Les Hontas interpreted evidence to identify The Purple Mamba…..
  • Technology Gnomes slaved
  • Pixelating Pixies collaborated

All because of the crime of the century – theft of food from starving civil servants!

So, without further ado, here’s the final edition (Director’s cut) of the aged Purple Mamba cartoon.

Please be warned:¬†Content may not meet today’s exacting PC standards and not all underpants worn are Calvin Klein’s!

Purple Mamba cartoon strip Part 6

Oops – I missed: Part 1 | Parts 2 & 3 | Parts 4 & 5 | I’m just glad it’s all over

If you’ve made it this far, wow and congratulations on your stamina! Thanks for sharing a little stroll down memory lane with me and a couple of old friends – I hope you were able to share a smile with us along the way.

Remembering where this self-indulgence all started last week (or 17 years ago to be more accurate) I’ll finish by wishing a fond farewell to the friends who willingly appeared in these cartoons and who are no longer with us – gone but by no means forgotten!!

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