Purple Mamba Pt 2 and 3

Previously in The Purple Mamba a bun-shaped bun burglar had raided the buns from the bun cupboard of the Fun Factory (OK, a local office full of civil servants, but Fun Factory makes it sound so much more exciting)…..

So, the magic gnomes of technology that reside in the Photoshop room inside my desktop machine have slaved for, er, well, minutes actually. It became hours when you take into account the research that had to be done by cruising the internet first. I digress, the magic gnomes have managed to remove the yellowing of age and the deterioration of the print quality (these were done in the olden days after all) and we’re ready to roll with the next instalments – woohoo!!!

There is a small but dedicated following out there (I think) who will remember, nay cherish these images (yes, all three of us), for their ability to transport us through time to a place when we were happy and young(er). Yeah, OK this all feels a little bit self indulgent, but I hope it makes few folks smile anyway.

I give you Purple Mamba (Parts 2 and 3)….

Purple Mamba cartoon strip Part 2

Purple Mamba Cartoon strip Part 3

Thats all folks – the technology gnomes say there are more coming soon!

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