Portcullis Glass Plate

Portcullis Glass Plate is an Original Fused glass plate.

This characterful opaque glass plate is created with layers of glass and assorted inclusions to produce a finish reminiscent of an ancient portcullis.

Portcullis glass plate has been created using three layers of 2mm standard float glass. The middle layer has been cut to create a basket weave appearance and to open small “pockets” which incorporate small swirls of copper. The outer edge of the central layer has been decorated with foil inclusions, darkened by the kiln firing process. The resulting plate has been slump fired in a mould to create a gently rounded plate with a heavily ripple-textured, semi-opaque top surface.

The nature of the materials used and the processes applied mean this plate has truly unique characteristics that cannot be exactly replicated, however a similar item can be created if you would prefer a different size or colour combination.

This plate has been designed to be decorative and would be at home in any location on a wall hanger or plate stand (or as a pot pourri or fancies dish if you prefer). When it is displayed backlit, however, the true beauty of the glass and the detail of the “painting” truly come to life.

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Please note: Postage and Packing will be added at the point of sale, based on your location and the number of items purchased.

Plate size: 11¼ x ⅜ in | 285 x 6mm

The plate is made using ordinary glass which makes it perfectly safe for use as a normal plate, though the texture makes it unsuitable for food use. The plate can be washed in hot soapy water to keep it sparkling clean, but I can’t guarantee it is dishwasher safe – do that at your own risk.

The nature of glass also makes it perfectly suitable for display in full sunlight without any risk of deterioration or premature ageing!

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Portcullis Glass Plate
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