Sunrise is an Original Fused glass plate.

This beautiful, vibrant “painting in glass” is created with rich, translucent yellows, oranges, reds and golds designed to evoke memories of the most wonderful morning sunrise. Indeed, the sun can be seen at the top of the plate.

The plate has been designed to be decorative and would be at home in any location on a wall hanger or plate stand (or as a pot pourri or fancies dish if you prefer). When it is displayed backlit, however, the true beauty of the colours and the detail of the “painting” truly come to life.

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Please note: Postage and Packing will be added at the point of sale, based on your location and the number of items purchased.

Plate size: 11 in | 28 cm

The plate is made using ordinary glass which makes it perfectly safe for use as a normal plate. The plate can be washed in hot soapy water to keep it sparkling clean, but I can’t guarantee it is dishwasher safe – do that at your own risk.

The nature of glass also makes it perfectly suitable for display in full sunlight without any risk of deterioration or premature ageing!

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Sunrise Plate
Order Sunrise Plate Original @ £120.00