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So , there I was, minding my own business listening to Radio 2 (I often wonder what triggered the decision that I was old enough to make the switch from independent radio and Radio 1 to the “easy listening” station, but that’s one for another day), when Crystal Gayle regaled us again with the story of her brown eyes turning blue, then “stepped aside” to allow the introduction of Sir Ken Robinson.

An interesting chap, Sir Ken was introduced as an impassioned and supremely motivational speaker, then delivered his pitch in a fairly monotone voice that almost finished me off (yes, I’m easily bored these days). I say almost…he speaks of course about something I am extremely passionate about…people achieving their full potential!

A passionate educationalist Sir Ken is an excellent spokesman for the power of teaching as an art form and for the benefits of creativity and imagination in the learning process to generate and maintain enthusiasm and a desire for lifelong learning. He still believes in the notion of great teachers as those people who can inspire and fire someone up!

What I like about Sir Ken is his determination to speak up in favour of public educational reform and the paradigm shift that’s needed to make it possible for us to operate in our element – here’s a great case in point:

In my element

Sir Ken describes “the element” as

the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. It is here that people feel most themselves, inspired and able to achieve at their highest levels.

This is the stuff that’s far removed from the bored child in class, disillusioned and misused employee or person who feels frustrated but can’t explain why…it’s that point in life where we connect with our true self by understanding our true talents and lead a fruitful life by doing what we love. Most of all we begin to realise and achieve everything we are capable of in our journey of self-fulfilment.

So What?

I guess my last blog post really highlighted for me how I have started to make the shift from corporate wage slave to local enthusiast, coach, confidante, tutor and someone who feels they are once again making a difference. I feel I’m in my element right now.

Next time round my first guest blogger, the inspirational Lee of Elevatedby will be sharing his experience of being in his element and what motivates him to do what he does

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