Commission KL Art

Commission KL Art for a creative response:

Looking for a one-off gift, something to reflect an unusual interest, a gift for a special occasion or would simply like a unique artwork for you or someone equally special? Commission KL Art:

Why commission KL Art?

When you commission KL Art you will embark on a creative journey with me to produce a piece of art that will become special to you and is totally unique. Though you can buy KL Art originals from my shop, a commissioned work holds a special significance because it tells your unique story, based on your ideas and preferences.

Every KL Artwork comes with satisfaction guaranteed!

Not sure how to decide what to buy?

Buy what you like!

If you are buying for yourself you will be choosing something that will probably hang on your walls for many years to come. If you are going to live happily with your new house guest it's important to like them, so think about what you like and don't like about the images you see around you every day. Pay particular attention to the colours, shapes, textures, materials and frames that you like and be sure to include your preferences in any request you make. You might also have a peek through my galleries for some ideas.

If you are not sure about something or want to check out an idea call me 07971 209963 or use the contact form below.

Not sure what paint medium to choose?


How it works - contacting me with your ideas:

Quite simply, once you have your idea, be it for a family or pet portrait, a painting of somewhere or something special to you, or just an idea you would like to see in pictures, drop me a line on my contact form (see menu at the top of the page) and make sure you include your contact details so I can get back to you.

Usually the process will start with a discussion about your ideas because it's important to me that you have your input. That way we can both be sure we understand each other and are in agreement about what we can expect as we work together and check progress against your requirements. If you are working on a surprise I'm just as happy chatting by email as I am on the phone.

I am happy to work from photographs, so it's useful if you can supply at least one high quality photo, preferably in your chosen pose, plus a few photos of your subject, to give me an idea of their character. I can also change elements of a picture for you, for example adding a collar and name tag to a pet portrait where one doesn't exist etc. I can work from email photos, but it's better if you can post hard copy so I can be sure we are both looking at the same colour schemes (I promise to look after them and post them back when we are finished).

What happens next

Once we have agreed what you want I will calculate the cost and if necessary (especially if we are not working to photos) I will also provide a rough outline of the piece and ask you to confirm you want to go ahead before starting the artwork.

Once I have your approval to proceed I will provide regular progress updates in the manner we have agreed and supply an image for final approval before final payment and posting out.

How long will it take?

Timings will vary throughout the year, based on the size of your picture and how many orders I have on the books. Turn around times are usually within 6 weeks for smaller commissions (up to A3 size) and often sooner for small works. Larger commissions or works in oils may take considerably longer due to the work involved and/or the extended drying time for oils. If you have a deadline tell me and I'll let you know if I can meet it before you commit.

Christmas is a particularly busy time for me and I start taking orders in September to make that deadline, so please plan ahead if you can, before my diary fills up.

When is payment made?

If your commission is particularly large or requires purchase of non-standard materials I will require a deposit to cover the cost of materials before work can commence. Similarly, in exceptional circumstances and particularly for large or complex works, any preliminary work may be chargeable.

As above, I will send you a final image for your approval once the artwork is finished. Full and final payment for any item will then be required before the item is despatched.

How is payment made?

I will email a request for payment once it's due. This will be your unique link to Paypal to receive payments, all sorted out at my end so you don't need to have your own account. Payment can be made using your own PayPal account if you have one, or using most credit or debit cards.

What about framing?

I don't frame as standard because individual tastes vary and there is something quite exciting about working with your own local specialist to select the perfect frame to complete your commission.

If you would prefer, I can arrange for framing using a good quality local supplier, however this will increase weight and delivery costs and may delay delivery from my end.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

I’m so confident you will be delighted with your KL Artwork that most come with a 100% guarantee: If you don’t like it you don’t buy it!

If you are unhappy with the final image and I can’t fix the issue I will retain the picture for public sale and won’t ask you for any final payment and in most cases* will even refund your deposit!

*Exceptions: I’m sure you’ll understand I will not refund the cost of any detailed pre-work that has been undertaken and reserve the right to retain any deposit paid for specialist materials purchased for the sole purpose of personalising your commission. Please see my full Terms and Conditions.